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The Burnley Football Club London Supporters Club “BFCLSC/London Clarets” and GDPR.

What is GDPR?


The EU's latest privacy law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018. In accordance with this, you must give your consent to receive our mailings and communications. Without this we would no longer be able to send you further emails.


What data do we hold?


We hold a list of email address as part of the BFCLSC Yahoo E-group and also members postal addresses and in some cases telephone/email details as part of the BFCLSC Membership List.


How do we contact you?


The primary method of communication used is via the BFCLSC Yahoo E-Group. The group is a purely opt-in service and we can not add or amend existing email addresses to the group ourselves therefore everyone currently on this list has already explicitly opted-in. Only paid up members of the BFCLSC are eligible to join the group and each request is verified by the person(s) currently designated as the group “Owner”.


We may also in certain circumstances need to use this data to contact you via one of the BFCLSC email addresses in the event that there are problems sending communications via the group. We will only send emails to addresses currently active in the yahoo group.


Anyone who wishes to not receive further communications via the E-group/email can send an email to using their registered email address. This will automatically remove you from the group and you will receive to further emails from us.


We use your postal address to send out BFCLSC related mailings, primarily the BFCLSC magazine.


What do we use this data for?


We use this information to send you:


  • information regarding match tickets, booking arrangements and prices for BFC away matches

  • train travel arrangements to BFC matches (home and away) and booking details

  • details regarding forthcoming BFCLSC social events

  • other BFCLSC related matters

  • in limited circumstances other Burnley FC related matters deemed of interest to members

  • regular mailings of the BFCLSC magazine


We also:


  • DO NOT give any third parties access to the Yahoo email list under any circumstances

  • may provide postal address details to designated companies should we need to use their services to send out any mailing. This will be used for the sole purpose of that mailing

How long do we hold your data?


We will keep your data for up to 18 months after your last valid membership has lapsed. For example if your last valid membership was for 2017-18 we will remove you from the membership list December 2019.


We will remove you on request as soon possible but with in 7 days of that request.


We will review the email addresses on the E-group list against the current paid up membership list and remove any that are identified as having let their memberships lapse by December following the last valid membership as you will no longer be eligible for membership benefits such as match tickets. For example if your last valid membership was for 2017-18 we will remove you from the e-group list December 2018.


What do you need to do?

If you wish to to continue to receive emails from us via the E-group then, as you have already opted-in by joining the group, nothing.


If you no longer wish to receive emails regarding match tickets, travel etc. send an email to using your registered email address or use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message. This will automatically remove you from the group and you will not receive further emails from us.

Version (1.1) correct at 30/6/2018 but may be amended from time to time as required.

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