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Player of the Year

We believe our method of selecting our Player of the Year is unique amongst the Burnley supporters clubs. Our membership directly chooses the Player of the Year on the basis of votes cast after every Burnley match.


The system is simple. Members get two votes, for their first and second choices of man of the match for any Clarets match they attend. Their first choice gets two points, their second choice one point. These votes are added up to find a Man of the Match for each game and, at the end of the season, a Player of the Year.

This means our Player of the Year award should genuinely represent merit over an entire season, rather than being biased towards a late season burst of form.


The Player of the Year is announced at Burnley FC's annual end of season presentation evening, where the winner is presented with the trophy. In recent years the presentation evening has taken place before the end of the season which means there will be a cut-off match after which votes will not be included.

The eminent Chairperson and Pub Guru Woody is keeper of the Player of the Year votes. You can give your votes to him any time, after each game or in one chunk providing you do so immediately after the cut-off game either in person or by email to his email address, which you will find in the inside back cover of the magazine.

Please note that only paid-up London Clarets members can vote for our Player of the Year.


Previously members could only vote on matches attended in person not games on TV but at the 2019 AGM it was decided from the 2019-20 season we would allow members to vote on games they had watched on TV. TV voting is restricted to games shown LIVE in the UK by one of the official broadcasters (names NOT supplied!). Games streamed nefariously DO NOT count nor do games shown as delayed highlights.

A list of recent winners below.
A full list is being compiled and will appear here in due course!!

2021-22  James Tarkowski

2020-21  Nick Pope

2019-20  No award (season truncated due to Covid)

2018-19  James Tarkowski

2017-18  Steven Defour

2016-17  Ben Mee

2015-16  Joey Barton

2014-15  Danny Ings

2013-14  -

2012-13  -

2011-12  -

2010-11  -

2009-10  -

2008-09  -

2007-08  -

2006-07  -

2005-06  -

2004-05  -

2003-04  -

2002-03  -

2001-02  -

2000-01  Ian Cox

1999-00  Steve Davis

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